Keep your cat happy with this Memorial Day treat: the interactive Cheerble Ball for $22

TL;DR: Entertain your cat all day with Cheerble Ball, an interactive pet toy that's on sale for Memorial Day! Grab it for just $21.97 (reg. $26) until May 31.

It's normal for pet owners to feel guilty about leaving their beloved cats at home alone (sorry, Mr. Socks!), but this unique pet toy will keep them happily occupied for long periods. With just a swat of a paw or a bump of a nose, the ball will automatically start rolling around, creating a fun game for them when you can't be there!

Best of all, it's now on sale ahead of Memorial Day. While it usually costs $26, you can treat your cat to the Cheerble Ball for only $21.97. Of course, you'll want to hurry and take advantage of this price drop, as this sale only lasts until May 31.

Here's how it works: when you're ready for your cat to start playing, simply press the button to turn the Cheerble Ball on — no app required. You can pick one of three colorful modes — gentle (green), normal (blue), or active (purple) — to customize the Cheerble to your cat's preferred activity level.

Then, activate it by tapping or shaking it. Place it on the ground, and it'll start zooming along, with LED lights flashing to attract your cat's attention. Once it's rolling around, it'll keep going as long as its rechargeable battery allows.

Your cat will love running after the ball, hitting it and trying to successfully capture it. It's not just a fun game for them — it's also a great source of exercise. No wonder it was successfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter and Indiegogo!

Worried that this interactive toy will get stuck in random nooks or right corners? Thankfully, the Cheerble Ball has a special obstacle avoidance system. It's also constructed with synthetic fiber to appeal to your cat's discerning tastes (aka their paws!).

The Cheerble additionally comes with a companion mode for extra playtime customization. Let them use it as an interactive ball or as a nap-time friend when you can't give them a snuggle!

Keep your cat busy, happy, and active this Memorial Day and beyond.

Gift your pet with the Cheerble Ball for just $21.97 until May 31 at 11:59 PM Pacific. That's the best price online!

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