Watch Steve Jobs describe ChatGPT decades before its creation

In a speech from 1985, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs predicted AI chatbots like ChatGPT decades before their inception.

"I can't ask Aristotle a question," he says, "I mean, I can't, but I won't get an answer. And so my hope is that in our lifetimes, we can make a tool of a new kind, of an interactive kind.

"My hope is someday, when the next Aristotle is alive, we can capture the underlying worldview of that Aristotle in a computer. And someday, some student will be to not only read the words Aristotle wrote, but ask Aristotle a question and get an answer."

It didn't happen in his lifetime, but Jobs would likely be astonished by the rapid progress made in natural language AI in recent years. Or maybe not. I could also imagine him saying that ChatGPT sucks.

Someone with more time on there hands can kick start a conversation between AI-Aristotle and AI-Jobs to find out.

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