Color match your home's wall paint color with the Nix Mini 2, now 50% off for Memorial Day!

TL;DR: Need to repaint a wall but forgot what shade it is? Get color matches easily with the Nix Mini 2, now $49.97 (reg. $99) for Memorial Day!

Even if you're not a professional in the creative field, you likely deal with color from time to time, whether that's repainting your home or doing a little DIY project. For creatives and home renovators alike, there's one tool that's bound to make any color-related task easier: the Nix Mini 2 Color Sensor.

The Nix Mini 2 is essentially your pocket-sized color wizard. With this gadget, you can capture any color anywhere you go. Just in time for any summer DIY projects on the horizon, you can score this color-matching device for 50% off during our Memorial Day savings event.

See a shade of blue you love in the mall or a restaurant? Forgot what exact shade of cream you need to repaint your home's hallway with? The Nix Mini 2 can help! Simply place it on the surface you're getting serious inspiration from and its highly calibrated LED can instantly scan and provide an accurate color match.

To ensure correct color-matching results, the Nix has its own light source. It'll block out any and all ambient light so you have perfect matches in blinding sunlight or pitch darkness!

It can track the hue of any surface, from painted walls to leather, upholstery, vinyl, and more. It'll match over with 100,000 brand-name paint shades and RGB HEX, CMYK, and LAB colors, making it easy to discover new colors to love and use in your personal or professional projects.

The Nix Mini 2 is as portable as your creativity, and with Bluetooth capabilities, it sends color-matching data straight to your mobile device via the Nix Paints app. The app is available for iOS and Android devices, and users can even save and arrange color palettes in-app!

Plus, it integrates seamlessly with Photoshop and the Nix Toolkit app, making it the perfect bridge between the physical world and your digital projects. Your Nix shade matches can also be easily shared with friends, fellow creatives, and colleagues.

Industry experts are raving about this gadget, with Mashable writing, "The Nix Mini Color Sensor could be an awesome tool to feed your innate perfectionism."

Score Memorial Day savings on the Nix Mini 2 Color-Matching Sensor, now just $49.97 until May 31 at 11:59 PM Pacific!

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