Supermusic AI helps turn your musical thoughts into tangible, full-length songs

With AI becoming such an integral part of society, one had to figure that it wouldn't be too long before it hit the arts. AI programs can help create eye-popping visuals, greatly enhancing an artist's arsenal. Help, in the form of AI, has arrived for aspiring and current musicians, and Supermusic AI is leading the musical charge.

With Supermusic AI, artists can turn a tune or an idea into a song. Grab a lifetime subscription to Supermusic AI for $49.99 (reg. $319).

No level of musical skill is needed to benefit from Supermusic AI. Users only need to type their lyrics into the program's prompt. From there, Supermusic AI will turn that idea into a professional-sounding song in mere minutes.

Although it uses technology to achieve its intended purpose, users' creativity and personality can still shine through. Users can even use the program to create unique playlists they can enjoy or share with friends.

Supermusic AI is rated 4.7 stars on Apple's App Store, and over 10.000 people have downloaded the app. It's compatible with mobile devices that run iOS 13 and later.

Different genres can be tapped into for creation. The program features everything from country and pop to rap and EDM.

Music is made to be shared, and Supermusic AI provides channels for doing so. From the app, users can share their songs and music with their friends on social media or via the app. The fun doesn't end there. Songs can also be shared and placed on the app's leaderboard, which checks to see which songs have received the most plays, likes, and shares.

Sometimes, all one needs is an assist from AI to get the creative juices flowing!

Turn an idea into a catchy hit—get a lifetime subscription to Supermusic AI on sale for $49.99 (reg. $319).

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