Photo Ark project documents species before they disappear—see stunning photos and videos of 15,324 species, and counting

A couple of years ago we brought you news of this gorgeous tarsier making the most ridiculous facial expression. I wanted to return to the topic to share more information about "Photo Ark," the larger project spearheaded by photographer Joel Sartore that this tarsier video is part of. The Photo Ark website describes the National Geographic-funded project  as "a groundbreaking effort to document species before they disappear—and to get people to care while there's still time."

The project showcases over 70,943 stunning photos and videos of 15,325 species (so far). You can search the database for a specific type of animal or scroll through and enjoy the surprises!

Here are some of my favorites:

This elephant shrew named "Beast" who has a jaunty little paw sticking up!

This female Philippine slow loris at Taman Safari Prigen in East Java, Indonesia. Make sure you watch until at least 8 seconds in, so you can see its ridiculously adorable little tongue.

This endangered bandicoot at Batu Secret Zoo and Eco Green Park in Batu, Indonesia. I just cannot with its snout and tiny claws. 

Joel Sartore, according to his website, is:

an award-winning photographer, speaker, author, conservationist, and the 2018 National Geographic Explorer of the Year. He is a regular contributor to National Geographic Magazine, and an Eagle Scout. His hallmarks are a sense of humor and a Midwestern work ethic. Joel specializes in documenting endangered species and landscapes around the world. He is the founder of the Photo Ark, a 25-year documentary project to save species and habitat.

Enjoy seeing and learning about all the amazing animals in the Photo Ark! Which one is your favorite?