Suspected slingshot shooter, 81, arrested after decade-long hunt

A slingshot shooter has plagued a neighborhood of Azusa, California for years, taking out windows, car windshields, and even firing at people there. After nearly a decade hunting for the culprit, police arrested Prince King, 81, after serving a warrant at his property and finding a slingshot and ball bearings there.

"It's been ongoing for many years because we just didn't identify who the suspect was," Bushey told the outlet, noting the reason for the vandalism or why certain people or properties were targeted remains unknown. "We're not aware of any kind of motive other than just malicious mischief." 

Records show King was booked at the Los Angeles County Jail later that afternoon without bail, and he is scheduled to appear in court on Tuesday.

Details are scant in the story, but I imagine someone was finally told to deal with this thing, put a big map on the wall, marked the locations of reports, then said "alright then" at the completely obvious clustering around the suspect's property, "wake up the judge!"

81 is definitely old enough to be Zodiac. Just saying.

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