Lawyer who pooped in a Pringles can has license reinstated

Ohio criminal defense attorney Jack Blakeslee has completed the six-month suspension he received for launching a Pringles potato chip can into the parking lot of a crime-victim advocacy center. If the sanction seems severe, know that Blakeslee was not littering but shittering: he had filled the can with his own feces, behavior that "called into question his fitness to practice law."

Blakeslee, in his defense, pointed out that he did that sort of thing all the time. As Laura A. Bischoff writes:

During the disciplinary process, Blakeslee claimed he didn't target anyone and said he pulled the Pringles prank at least 10 times that year. Blakeslee had known the victim advocates at the center for years and was scheduled to see them in court 15 minutes after the Pringles deposit. At the time, Blakeslee was representing someone accused in a capital murder case.

The Pringles deposit. *stares impassively at camera for several seconds* Over to the weather desk.

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