North Korea takes a dump over South Korea, launching 260 trash — and poop-filled — balloons

North Korea is getting down and dirty — literally — with South Korea, attacking their neighbor with hundreds of trash-filled balloons. And some of the trash includes poop.

More than 260 "inhumane and vulgar" balloons, one that contained a bag with the word "excrement" written on it, were launched on Tuesday, according to South Korea's military via Daily Beast. And they are all being dumped over South Korea.

Officials have warned South Korean residents to stay clear of the balloons, which "seriously threaten our people's safety," and have even "advised people to stay indoors" until the crappy situation clears up.

From Daily Beast:

No damage or injuries have been reported so far in connection with the balloons, but the military has deployed bomb disposal units and other experts to collect them. Residents have been warned against touching the objects.

The balloons started arriving days after Kim Kang Il, North Korea's vice defense minister, slammed propaganda leaflets criticizing the Pyongyang regime that North Korean defectors in the South have been attaching to balloons and sending northward for years.

The minister on Sunday accused Seoul of "despicable psychological warfare" by "scattering leaflets and various dirty things near border areas" and vowed to deliver "tit-for-tat action" in response.

"Mounds of wastepaper and filth will soon be scattered over the border areas and the interior of [South Korea] and it will directly experience how much effort is required to remove them," he said.