Bigme Hibreak is a $220 e-ink smartphone

The Bigme Hibreak is an inexpensive smartphone with an e-ink display, however well that works with an Android-based operating sytem. It has 6GB of RAM, a 5.7" 1440×720 panel and global 4G LTE. Brad Linder at Liliputing describes the appeal and the obvious shortcomings of e-ink, at least when it comes to Android.

It's also proven increasingly popular in tablet-like devices designed for reading, writing, and drawing. … But E Ink displays typically have much slower refresh rates than LCD or AMOLED displays, which makes them less commonly used for smartphones, general-purpose tablets, or other devices that you might want to use to display videos, play games, or just have smoother animations for activities like scrolling. Device makers like Bigme have adapted to these form factors a little bit by offering different display modes, allowing users to prioritize smooth animation or better picture quality. Basically you can increase the refresh rate until it's almost fast enough for video if you're willing to put up with partial screen refreshes that may leave artifacts from previous images on the display until your next full refresh.

My iPhone died recently and I've been using an e-ink dumphone, and even there the slow refresh is killin' me.

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