Pampered pooches jet set in style: inside the world's first airline designed for dogs

Recent NPR headline: "Air travel has gone to the dogs — literally. Here's what to know about BARK Air."

First of all, pedantic Public Radio punning? Oh, happy days. Next, an airline for dogs? I need to know more.

Flying with your dog in first class may sound like a far-fetched dream for many pet lovers. But a new boutique airline launching this week aims to make the "white paw experience" a reality.

BARK Air describes itself as "the world's first air travel experience designed specifically for dogs first, and their human companions second."

I could stop there but I know you want to know more. And so does my pooch, Mr. Pickles:

BARK Air officially got off the ground on Wednesday afternoon, when its inaugural flight ferried six dogs of varying breeds — from Chihuahuas to a Golden Retriever — and 11 humans (both passengers and crew) from New York to Los Angeles.

The Very Important Pups were treated to chicken-flavored puppuccinos, special cupcakes and a shoe — on a platter — to snack on, according to BARK Chief of Staff Katharine Enos. She told NPR over email that there was "no drama on board."

This sounds both like the human race has jumped the historical shark and yet kind of super fun. I'm sure it's totally affordable.

BARK Air flights between New York and LA cost $6,000 for one dog and one human (or one human and two dogs collectively under 50 pounds) in each direction, and one-way flights between New York and London go for $8,000.

Oh. Yeah. Sorry, Mr. Pickles. You're going back in the cargo hold. 

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