Adorable pittie gets to see the wonders of her world

These videos of Houston-based TikTok user Derrick Kees showing his dog things she's never seen before is so relatable! In this video he shows his dog Sky the dishwasher, the inside of the refrigerator, an unflushed toilet, and a closet. In part two, Sky gets to see soul food, a freezer, and a cool trio of bananas. In both videos the sweet pitbull looks equally interested and confused, but always delighted to be in her owner's caring arms.

Do you do this with your dog? I sure do! Just yesterday I picked up my dog, Henry Rollins, to let him look out of my second floor office window down into the neighbor's yard so he could see why my neighbor's two gorgeous Irish Setters were barking. He looked interested, but I'm not sure what exactly he was able to see. I also recently picked him up so that he could see himself in my bathroom mirror. He seemed mildly bemused. I won't be deterred, though – I plan to keep showing him the world!

To see more of Derrick and Sky, follow them on TikTok.

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