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A nice dinner with your dad is a great way to celebrate Father's Day. Unfortunately, it's also a very efficient way to end up with a hefty bill for even a modest dinner. Restaurant prices may be tough to take, but you might be able to get a little help with the check by checking out That's where you can find thousands of deals for gift certificates at restaurants around the country, and you can even get a gift card to cover the cost. 

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Gift certificates for restaurants nationwide

Here's how it all goes down: 

  1. Get your eGift Card right here 
  2. Redeem it on
  3. Use your zip code to search for delicious dining options in your area 
  4. Spend your credits (all at once or a bit at a time) on gift certificates for restaurants 
  5. Apply those certificates to your meal by showing them to your server (either on the app or a retro paper copy)

Remember, you don't just have to shop for places to eat near you. If you're making travel plans, this eGift Card is an awesome companion gift because you can use it to get gift certificates for restaurants all over the country. 

Just remember to check out the fine print on each gift certificate. Some restaurants have restrictions on things like alcohol or certain days of the week, so you might end up covering Dad's birthday beer, but the gift certificate may help with dessert. 

Dinner for dad with room to spare

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