These 10 animals kill the most humans annually

You might think that humans are the animal that kill the most humans each year, but you'd be mistaken. Yes, 400,000 humans are killed every year by homicide but the deadliest animal to humans is actually the lowly and vile mosquito. It isn't the mosquitos themselves that are so deadly but rather the diseases they carry, from malaria to dengue and yellow fever.

According to BBC Science Focus, "some estimates suggest that mosquito-borne disease may be responsible for the deaths of approximately half of the humans that have ever lived."

Meanwhile, we may love our dogs but they kill 59,000 humans each year due to rabies.

Here are the Top 10 Deadliest Animals for Humans presented in this Visual Capitalist infographic based on data sourced from a BBC Science Focus article:

1. Mosquitoes kill 725,000 humans annually

2. Humans kill 400,000 humans annually

3. Snakes kill 138,000 humans annually

4. Dogs kill 59,000 humans annually

5. Assassin Bugs kill 10,000 humans annually

6. Scorpions kill 3,300 humans annually

7. Crocodiles kill 1,000 humans annually

8. Elephants kill 600 humans annually

9. Hippos kill 500 humans annually

10. Lions kill 200 humans annually

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