Ouch! TikToker tries to pet a snapping turtle — and guess what happens next? (video)

In case its name isn't clear enough, snapping turtles snap. And so, obviously, it's best not to touch them — as one TikToker learned the hard — aka painful — way.

"Whatchya doin' little man?" she asked sweetly, talking to a cute snapping turtle who was trying to mind its own business. And although the little guy tried to respond with a silent stink eye — turtle-ese for "back off" — she didn't take the hint.

But she certainly did get the message when she tried to pet the turtle and received a swift chomp on the hand. "Yes it hurt and I deserved it" she humbly said in a caption along with video of her hands-on lesson. (See below, posted by jenniferlong72.)

And although she was lucky to get out of there with all of her fingers intact, she did end up with a bright, mouth-shaped souvenir. You can check out the red-handed evidence here.

Via Outdoors
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