Jetliners have hidden rooms, but not for passengers or cargo

My favorite scenes in the Jodie Foster thriller Flightplan, set in-flight on a massive Airbus A380-like jetliner her character helped design, are when she heads into the bowels of the airplane to escape the smoothly beeping gaslit reality of the passenger cabin. Are there really secret storage areas, crawlspaces and even whole rooms inside full-size jumbos? Yes! CNN explores the crew compartments of a Dreamliner, comparing them to a capsule hotel.

a windowless, cramped, but cozy sleeping space, with power outlets and a light – as well as all of the required safety equipment such as oxygen masks, seat belt lights and an intercom, among others. "They can be quite comfortable," says Susannah Carr, a flight attendant with United Airlines who works on Boeing aircraft including the 787, 777 and 767. … The crew rest areas are designed to not attract too much attention from passengers, regardless of where they are located: "A passenger alking by would probably think it's a closet," says Carr. "I won't go too far into how we access it – it's secure, I will say that. Occasionally we have people that think it's a bathroom door and they try to open it, but we just show them the way to the actual restroom instead."

You know what would be great? A video game set on a massive Airbus A380-like jetliner, with some conceit allowing there to be very extensive liminal chambers.