FDA rejects MDMA for PTSD treatment

No thanks, they'll pass. Makes them grind their teeth too much.

An FDA panel voted against allowing for MDMA to be used in treating PTSD earlier this week. Clearly, whoever was on the panel hadn't ever been to a three-day rave in the desert and fallen in love with a hula hooping stranger in the process of pissing themselves. Which is a shame, really. That's a once-in-a-lifetime experience (or annual, if you're a Burner) and should not be missed. I'd say that experiencing love at first sugar pill are doctor's orders, but for now the sole way to find MDMA remains asking your brother's deadhead friend who knows a guy, not from your legal healthcare provider.

The panel voted 9-2 on whether the MDMA-assisted therapy was effective, and voted 10-1 on whether the proposed treatment's benefits outweighed its risks.

Other panelists expressed concerns over the drug's potential cardiovascular effects, and possible bias among the therapists and facilitators who guided the sessions and may have positively influenced patient outcomes. A case of misconduct involving a patient and therapist in the study also weighed on some panelists' minds.

Andrew Jacobs, The New York Times

I suppose those are valid points, fine.

"I absolutely agree that we need new and better treatments for PTSD," said Paul Holtzheimer, deputy director for research at the National Center for PTSD, a panelist who voted no on the question of whether the benefits of MDMA-therapy outweighed the risks.

"However, I also note that premature introduction of a treatment can actually stifle development, stifle implementation and lead to premature adoption of treatments that are either not completely known to be safe, not fully effective or not being used at their optimal efficacy," he added.

Maybe Erowid has advice on how to fix P.T.S.D. with M.D.M.A. for S.W.I.M.?