Americans prefer weed to alcohol, all in all

More Americans smoke weed every day than those who drink alcohol, according to research published in the journal Addiction. The numbers date to 2022, too, and it's since become more widely available as U.S. states legalize the drug.

Brooke Worster, chief medical officer at medicinal cannabis firm EO Care, told the BBC that "taking away the taboo" meant people were more open about what they were already doing: "The rates have not changed as dramatically as the survey indicates. "People don't feel as scared to admit they're using it."

"It's not just a 20-year-old pothead in a dorm room any more," said Dr Worster.

Recreational use of cannabis is allowed in 24 states and the District of Columbia, while 38 states have legalised its medicinal use.

The government has so far resisted calls to legalise or decriminalise the drug at the federal level.

However, in the most significant drug reform in more than half a century, the justice department moved earlier this month to reclassify cannabis from a Schedule I controlled substance on a par with heroin, to a Schedule III substance.

Weed smokers: 17.7m a day. Alcohol drinkers: 14.7m a day. But those boozing booze a lot more, inasfar as the two can be compared.

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