Surfboard-stealing "aggressive sea otter" back in town

Surfers, prepare to defend your surfboards. Otter 841 made waves (sorry) last year for biting and stealing surfboards off the coast of Santa Cruz, prompting warnings like this one:

Numerous attempts were made to capture the agressive sea otter, but she remained on the lam. Last fall, she was spotted with an adorable pup in Monterey Bay, but she had not been seen in the area where her alleged crimes were committed in Santa Cruz all year until last week.

There was speculation that Otter 841's anti-surfboard behavior may have been related to her pregnancy. Only time will tell if she will return to her mischievous ways and if she taught her pup to follow suit.

I am team Otter 851 all the way. I don't have anything against surfers, per se. I just don't like humans very much.

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