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When life gets in the way, all we want to do is disconnect and unwind. How? Through gaming, which is an incredible way to explore new story arcs and connect with fellow gamers. For those who rock an Xbox console, there really is no substitute for a Game Pass Ultimate membership, which can help you game like never before with greater perks, EA Play, and more.

If you want to lock in your own membership ASAP, pick up three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for less than $40. This membership is stackable, too, meaning you can get up to five codes and stack them together to enjoy up to 15 months of access.

Once you grab your Game Pass Ultimate membership, you won't want to leave your Xbox (at least for a few hours). You'll be able to access over 500 games on your Xbox, PC, phone, and tablet and enjoy them with your buddies. Plus, new games are added regularly, so you'll never run out of exciting titles.

Aside from those games, Game Pass Ultimate members can game brand-new content the day they're released, whether they're from Bethesda Softworks or Xbox Game Studios. Some of the latest titles you can check out are Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes, Another Crab's Treasure, and more!

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EA Play is also included with Game Pass Ultimate, which means more games. Play The Sims, Madden, Battlefield, and more, and take advantage of access to new release EA games for up to 10 hours. You'll even be able to save 10% on EA digital purchases, whether those are games or in-game currencies.

Take your Xbox gaming to the next level with this stackable Game Pass Ultimate membership.

For a limited time, you can grab this three-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership for just $39.99.

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