Meet the capybaras of Curitiba, Brazil's famous "capybara park"

I just found a new treasure trove of original capybara content, and I rushed right over here to share it with all of you! This video of a group of capybaras jumping into the water, one by one, has been making the rounds on social media. It's adorable how each of the sweet creatures patiently waits their turn and makes a perfect entry into the water. I had to see more, so I tracked down the original creator, Luciano Mochinski, who describes himself on his Instagram like this:

Telecom a 30 anos, amigo das capivaras, fotógrafo, modelo, maratonista, vídeos, fotos autorais, viagens, cachaça, churras, drinks e comédia. (Telecom for 30 years, friend of capybaras, photographer, model, marathon runner, videos, copyright photos, travel, cachaça, barbecues, drinks and comedy.)

I discovered that Mochinski consistently posts videos of capybaras that he sees in his favorite park in his hometown of Curitiba, Brazil. Barigui Park is famous for its capybaras and is the place to go if you want to hang out with them. Explanders describes the wildlife—including the incomparable capybara—that live in the park:

With an incessant supply of water and plants, Parque Barigui quickly became an ideal habitat for dozens of species, including great egrets, lapwings, opossums, crested caracaras and of course, our protagonists, the capybaras. Roaming freely throughout the verdant lawns, the massive rodents can be spotted all over the park, yet tend to congregate next to the banquet hall building. Thanks to their calm temperament and lack of fear of humans, it's incredibly easy to get into close proximity with the animals as they feast on the abundant grass.

If you want to see what the capybaras in Barigui Park are up to, check out Luciano Mochinski's Instagram or TikTok—they're chock full of footage of the best rodents on the planet! Enjoy!


You can't not love capybaras 😍 #RoadTo15M #Pubity (Luciano Mochinski via Viralhog)

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