5 ways to make the most of your next long flight

TL;DR: Before you jet off to that summer vacation spot, get the most out of your trip with these five flying tips, which include charging solutions, seat selection ideas, and more. 

Summer is finally here, and that long-awaited vacation is just around the corner! There's just one pesky thing standing between you and that sunny, sandy beach: a nice, long plane ride. While you could put on a sleeping mask and catch some ZZZs during your flight, you can easily use this time to your advantage, getting a little work done, stretching your creative muscles, or simply catching up on your favorite reality show. 

Before you step foot onto that plane, you may want to consider packing a reliable power bank and other things to help make the most of those long hours up in the air.

1. Don't forget your noise-canceling headphones

Not all headphones and earbuds are created equal, which is made especially clear when you're sitting on a noisy airplane. Whether you're bopping to the latest Kendrick Lamar album or getting lost in your favorite true crime podcast, nothing can be more annoying than the loud hum of a plane motor or a chatty neighbor. Noise-canceling headphones can actually help you forget you're on a plane and focus on whatever you want — even if it's just taking a nap alongside your favorite calming music playlist.

2. Secure a good seat ahead of time

While you can't always control which seat you'll be bound to for hours on end on a flight, there are ways you can manage to get into more comfortable sections, like Business Class or even First Class. Don't think you can afford seats like that? Maybe not, but with a helpful flight alert app, you can find seats in all different classes for prices you can actually stomach.

Flight-finding apps do all the annoying searching for you, alerting you to mistake fares, random sales, and dips in price on flights you may not have noticed otherwise. Whether it's a little extra legroom or some tasty meal and drink accommodations, a better seat can make a world of difference when you're stuck on a long flight.

3. Bring enough power to complete all your digital tasks

From the page-turners stuck in your tablet to the emails awaiting your reply on your phone, having power while you're up in the air is imperative to your in-flight entertainment — especially if you're flight doesn't have any to offer. But if you're relying exclusively on your run-of-the-mill phone charger to give you enough juice on a long flight, you may be in for a very disappointing surprise.

One way to ensure you've got all the power you need is to have a reliable power source handy, like this portable power bank that is currently 33% off and houses a whopping 50000mAh! This large capacity allows it to gas up all sorts of must-have devices, like AirPods, tablets, and your iPhone, which can be charged up to 11 times with this thing. Not only is this gizmo compatible with iPhones, Samsung, Google Pixel, and more, but it can also charge up to four devices at once, complete with over-charge and over-voltage protection. 

4. Wear the right kind of clothing

Whether you tend to run cold or always manage to break out into a sweat, staying cool and comfortable is a must-have on long flights. That's why it's always a good idea to wear layers, like sweaters and breathable shirts and pants, that you can take on and off as you see fit. It's also a good idea to wear close-toed shoes to protect your feet from the many germs and elements that could be on the floor at the airport and on your flight.

It's also worth noting that limbs can easily swell as a result of sitting in one position for such a long time, like while in a tight seat on a long flight. Compression socks can help encourage healthy circulation and are always a smart thing to wear on a flight. Don't forget to get up and walk around every once in a while, as this also encourages healthy blood flow.

5. Take advantage of the nap time

Before you say you can never fall asleep on flights — even the longer ones — perhaps you're just not setting yourself up for sleepytime success. There's no denying that those airplane seats are stiff and uncomfortable, but there are other things you can bring with you to help relax your mind and even catch some shut-eye. Things like eye masks and the aforementioned noise-canceling headphones can be great for helping you shut off your mind and drift off to sleep. 

If you need a little more than this to sleep on a flight, there are tons of different types of pillows out there that can offer you stellar neck support so you can nap comfortably while sitting upright. You may also want to consider lavender-scented lotion (but not strong enough to bother your cabin mates, of course), potassium-rich snacks, like cherries and bananas, and electrolytes to help keep you hydrated and comfortable. This way, you'll feel good and energized once you get to your destination! 

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