Cybertruck owner fakes a malfunction, gets hit with real karma

Jeremy Judkins, a Tesla enthusiast who describes himself in his TikTok bio as "2024 Tesla Cybertruck Owner | Tesla Solar & Powerwall Owner | $TSLA |" uploaded a video showing how his charger had gotten stuck in his Cybertruck. He demonstrates how to find the manual release cord behind a secret door in the back of the truck, and how to pull it to fix the problem.

The video is unintentionally absurd. He's wearing flipflops while trying desperately to pull the stuck charging cord out of the Cybertruck because he had somewhere "he had to be." The video then cuts to his bare foot on the brake, right after he says he tried just putting the entire charger and cord in the truckbed and driving that way, even if "it would look a little bit foolish." Turns out that didn't work, either, because the Tesla is "intelligent" and "knows that the charger is still connected." Luckily, he found the manual release cord, pulled it, released the charger, and was able to go on his merry way.

Viewers found the video hilarious:

  • "It's a new problem with the Cybertruck every day."
  • "Lol the big toe."
  • "Imagine having to mess with your car this much."
  • "The Tesla is smart enough to know the charger is still connected but not smart enough to know the charger stuck."
  • "I'm losing my mind, he looks so hilarious standing next to the cybertruck."

Turns out that the entire thing was a ruse, even though in the end it actually came with a nice slice of humble pie. A day later in another video, he exclaims that the charger is stuck in his truck again! But then he confesses that it's not really stuck, and it wasn't ever actually stuck. He explains that in the previous day's video, he "just created an exaggerated story" so he could provide some educational content about the manual charger release cable. He staged the stuck charging cable by locking the Cybertruck, which automatically locks the charging cable onto the car, but as soon as you unlock the truck, the cable easily releases. He demonstrates how this works, and we can see that the cable is working totally normally.

However, he explains that in the previous day's video, he ignored the warnings in the Cybertruck manual and pulled the manual release cord when he didn't absolutely have to and in doing so he actually ended up breaking the manual release cable. He then laments, "I guess this is like karma for the Tesla haters. My charge port worked but I have this busted manual pull release now."

Tesla hater here. Can confirm.


This is what you do if your charger gets stuck in your Tesla Cybertruck. #tesla #cybertruck #teslacybertruck

♬ original sound – Jeremy Judkins | Tesla Videos

Replying to @camravens My Tesla Cybertruck charger wasnt actually stuck. It was a story I created to then educate you on the manual pull release. But then I broke the Cybertruck in a different way. Oops. #tesla #cybertruck #teslacybertruck

♬ original sound – Jeremy Judkins | Tesla Videos