Stop deleting phone photos! 250GB of FolderFort storage is now $40 for life

TL;DR: Get anywhere from 250GB to 1TB of cloud storage for over 60% off with FolderFort. Lifetime subscriptions are starting as low as $39.99 — that's the best price online!

Google Drive may be a convenient way to store files, photos, and videos, but it's only a matter of time before it runs out of storage space (bleh!), and who wants to pay a ton for just a little bit more storage space that isn't even securely encrypted? That's where FolderFort comes into play.

FolderFort is an easy-to-use digital storage service that offers as much as 1TB of space for you to store your most important files. Offering lifetime subscriptions for 250GB of storage as low as $39.99, you can maximize your cloud storage at the web's best price.

Nervous about using a new cloud storage platform? FolderFort's pretty dang easy to use! Move all your photos, files, and other content from Google Drive, Dropbox, etc., and enjoy speedy access to everything at any time on your PC, Mac, other mobile devices, or browsers — no time-consuming installation for FolderFort needed.

If you're the designated photographer, you can save holiday flicks, vacation selfies, and more to your FolderFort cloud storage and share them hassle-free with friends and family through file and folder links. If you have an annoying friend or nosy aunt (don't we all?), you can restrict file access for them and use a public link for others.

Using FolderFort for work? Create unlimited workspaces and share them and your files and folders with anyone. If FolderFort is being used across your work team, you can even provide your coworkers with their own 1GB of cloud storage at no extra cost.

Unlike other cloud storage platforms, FolderFort is fully protected by Backblaze, a world leader in cloud storage security that offers incredibly robust encryption without sacrificing access speed or expansion. All your content, whether stored or in transit, is fully protected from potential cybercriminals!

Whether you're sick of deleting your adorable cat videos off your phone or are frustrated with the lack of security of other cloud storage platforms, FolderFort can save the day.

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