Dictator Trump orders Fox to fire Paul Ryan from its board for being "disloyal"

Donald Trump was just being coy when he said he'd be a dictator on Day One. The convicted conman has already installed himself as the authoritarian MAGA king, and he is now commanding Fox to fire former House speaker Paul Ryan from its board.

Apparently, King Trump is furious with Ryan, a Republican — and Fox, which is guilty by association — for being "disloyal" to him. His rage comes after Ryan said earlier this month that he would not be voting for Trump because the former twice-impeached president-turned-felon was "unfit for office."

"Nobody can ever trust Fox News, and I am one of them, with the weak and ineffective RINO, Paul Ryan, on its Board of Directors," Trump wrote on Truth Social via Mediaite. "He's a total lightweight, a failed and pathetic Speaker of the House, and a very disloyal person."

"Rupert and Lachlan, get that dog off your Board — You don't need him," he said, ordering Fox mogul Rupert Murdoch and his son Lachlan around, before making one of his most cringeworthy statements of all time: "ALL YOU NEED IS TRUMP. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!"

The only thing cringier than referring to himself in the third person as he shouts an utterly pompous and ridiculous statement is the fact that his cowering henchmen (nearly everyone in the GOP) and his brainwashed disciples will take this buffoon seriously.

For more background, from Mediaite:

Trump's broadside comes a little over a week after Ryan was interviewed on the network by Neil Cavuto who asked him if he still believes Trump is an "authoritarian narcissist."

"That's pretty strong," Cavuto said of Ryan's past criticisms of Trump.

"That's the way I feel," Ryan replied. "I voted for him in 2016, hoping that there was gonna be a different kind of person in office. And I do think character is a really important issue. If you put yourself above the Constitution as he has done that shows you're unfit for office."

"I don't support Biden either," added Ryan during the conversation. "I think his policies are terrible."

Ryan's comments made headlines across the media, but as Media Matters notes, Fox itself did not cover them – except for Greg Gutfeld who took a shot at Ryan.

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