Trump glitches out AGAIN after trying to mock Biden's age (video)

Donald Trump did it again. For the second time this week, the 78-year-old felon falsely accused President Biden of glitching out, only to glitch out himself.

This time, it was at a rally in Wisconsin where he brought up the misleading videos going around that deceptively show a confused and wandering Biden who is having more than just a senior moment. But when Trump got to the punchline, it was he who got it wrong.

"His handlers are insisting he's sharper than ever, and they say the videos of Crooked Joe shuffling around are 'clean fakes,'" Trump said, confusing what the White House has called "cheap fakes" with "clean fakes."

"You know what a clean fake is? They're deceptively edited," the stable genius explained. "They say they're deceptively edited. All of the mistakes that he's made. Every day."

"He can't go anywhere without a mistake," Trump amusingly added, which was the real punchline of the day. (See video below, posted by Justin Baragona.)

And this comes after poking fun of Biden's memory over the weekend, only to immediately forget the name of his own doctor.

It's as if Trump has been cursed: Mess with Dark Brandon and you're going to get zapped.