Republican lawmaker caught on video dumping water into Democrat's bag to harass him

Vermont state Rep. Mary Morrissey, a Republican, was caught on video dumping water into Democratic state Rep. Jim Carroll's tote bag hanging in the hallway of the Statehouse. Watch below.

"There were very occasions where it wasn't wet at lunchtime and then at the end of the day it was wet," Carroll said.

Apparently, Morrissey has been doing this for months. Carroll had been busted for DUI in February and when he came back to work following treatment, he said his bag was drenched nearly every day. So he set up a secret camera.

"I am truly ashamed for my actions," she said in her apology from the House floor. She's now under investigation for ethical violations and was booted from a key committee on which she served.

"Quite honestly, I don't know why I did it," Morrissey told WCAX-TV. "I was not meaning to hurt Jim, it was something very out of character for me and I'm ashamed of myself."

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