Vermont lawmaker caught pouring water in colleague's bag

Vermont Rep. Mary Morrissey, a Republican, was surreptitiously filmed pouring water into a Democratic colleague's bag. State Rep. Jim Carroll had set up the hidden camera after he found his stuff repeatedly soaked and realized that enemy action was at hand. Morrissey is sorry.

"I am truly ashamed for my actions," Morrissey said of "her disrespectful conduct" toward Carroll. She said she had apologized directly to Carroll and would be working toward "resolution and restoration through out legislative process."

In response, Carroll told the chamber that he heard the sincerity in her voice but that he had to be frank, saying: "For five months, I went through this," and Morrissey had a choice each time she did it.

"It was torment," he said.

The AP reports that "after he was charged with driving under the influence in February and returned from rehab, his bag was soaked almost daily."

Morrissey hasn't said why she did it, and she didn't respond to an email seeking comment. Carroll told fellow lawmakers on Monday that the first time he and Morrissey sit down to talk will be awkward, "but we have to start somewhere."

You can watch Rep. Morrissey's apology four minutes in to the footage embedded below. I'm quite sure she's hammered. Nothing but the best when it comes to catering in Burlington.

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