Neon Skies, a standout cyberpunk TTRPG worth your attention

It seems like, these days, every YouTube game/dungeon crafter has also gone into game design and publishing. DM Scotty has EZD6, Jeremy of Black Magic Craft has Idols of Torment, Bill Making Stuff has Bangarang in the Gutterlands. And now, Bill Buchanan of Wyloch's Armory is crowdfunding what looks to be a pretty cool, significant cyberpunk RPG, Neon Skies.

One of the common stand-out features of these games by game crafters has been "rules lite" games. Neon Skies seems to be part of that trend while still retaining some meaningful depth.

Neon Skies sports a innovative d6 dice pool "Sling" mechanic. You add or subtract d6 dice to your pool for any given action and roll for success on any 6. That's it. Neon Skies is also designed so that it can be played theater of the mind or with minis, and it's truly miniatures agnostic. Scale and distances don't matter, so you can use miniatures of any size.

Bill says that he's spent five years developing and play-testing the game. It definitely looks like a sweet labor of love. It also looks like a book that could have been produced by any top-tier game publisher. He commissioned all original artwork for the game and it's gorgeous.

In this Dungeon Craft video, Professor Dungeon Master extols the virtues of Neon Skies.

Here's Wyloch himself describing the combat mechanic.

There are under 48 hours left on the Kickstarter campaign, so get on it if you're interested in supporting this effort.