Alex Trebek honored with U.S. stamp

My 89-year-old mom and I have a nightly tradition of watching Jeopardy together. When Ken Jennings announced on Friday's episode that Alex Trebek would be honored with a US postage stamp, we both got a little teary-eyed. While we both agree that Ken is doing an excellent job, there's no replacing Alex Trebek, no matter how carefully they pronounce "genre."

It is entirely fitting that the image on the stamp is of a Jeopardy clue and not Alex himself, as he always insisted that the contestants were the star of the show, not him. I always (respectfully) disagreed with Alex on this, so I appreciate that the cleverly designed sheet includes a photo of him, even if Alex himself might not have approved.

The Forever stamp is available as a sheet of 20, a First Day Cover, and a Digital Cover Postmark. Since my stamp-collecting days have been behind me for a while, I was not familiar with the Digital Cover. The digital cover has additional laser-printed digital artwork instead of the traditional postmark, and some of the designs are lovely, like this one.

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