Minnesota dam on the verge of collapse

The Blue Earth County Sheriff's Office says the 114-year-old Rapidan dam, located about 10 miles southwest of Mankato, is "in imminent failure condition."

Should the Rapidan dam fail in its entirety, it appears the flood level is forecast to crest just below the major flood stage. Evacuations seem to be for limited groups of residents, and while the eroding bank next to the bridge is certainly not good the sorry state of the bridge had been known and anticipated for some time. The video sure is dramatic.

Dam operators alerted officials at about 10:36 a.m. Monday the river had significantly eroded earth around the west side of the dam on the south side of Mankato, the National Weather Service says.

Pieces of an Xcel Energy building and other county buildings are adding to the debris in the water.

Officials also say the County Road 33 Bridge and County Road 90 Bridge are being closely monitored for debris passing downstream and may be closed if needed.


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