Alex Jones' empire crumbles: Infowars faces shutdown over $1.5 billion debt

Alex Jones, the crybaby king of crisis actors and peddler of dubious health nostrums watching his Infowars empire topple around him.

He seems surprised to learn that when you spend years spreading vile conspiracy theories that defame and threaten the safety of murdered children's parents, there's a price to pay: $1.5 billion.

Court-appointed trustee Christopher Murray (probably a lizard person, right Alex?) has filed to shut down Infowars and sell off Jones' assets. Murray wrote, "The Trustee seeks this Court's intervention to prevent a value-destructive money grab."

Jones, who's been dodging payments to Sandy Hook families, posted a rambling video response on Twitter, declaring, "Everything you've been told by corporate media is a lie." He insists Infowars isn't shutting down, it's just… relocating? Rebranding? Who knows! "Infowars is hard to kill," he boasted. "And I'm hard to shut down." It will be interesting to see if he can survive having his social media accounts turned over to his victims.

Jones, ever the drama queen, flip-flopped between "I didn't ask for all this" and "I'm going to make hay while the sun shines." Paying consequences isn't tyranny – it's called being a grown-up, which is something a sociopathic manbaby grifter like Jones is incapable of.

Alex Jones' whimpering sob fest is a masterclass in pathetic self-pity (video)