Man sentenced to life for killing friend who he believed was summoning Bigfoot to eat him

In 2022, Larry Sanders of Oklahoma and his pal Jimmy Knighten were out fishing when something very strange and tragic happened. Sanders killed Knighten His motivation? Sanders believed Knighten was summoning Bigfoot to eat him. During his trial, Sanders claimed that he has spotted three Sasquatches on the riverbank and that "the only thing that made sense" is that Knighten had planned for the creatures to kill his friend.

"I acted out of survival mode," he said.

This week, a judge sentenced Sanders to spend the rest of his life behind bars without the chance of parole.

According to Coast to Coast, the sentencing became hectic when Sanders reacted vehemently to the prosecutor reading tweets mocking the Sasquatch claim, posts which Sanders dismissed as irrelevant. The tweets were intended to illustrate the public mockery of the situation, which deeply affected Knighten's family. The judge eventually booted Sanders from the courtroom and he declined to return to hear his sentence delivered.

As The Anomalist comments, either something very bizarre happened that day by the river "or the US legal system doesn't do a good job of handling mental illness."

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