"You Have To Live Your Life" debunks popular myths and misperceptions about COVID-19

As we currently ride yet another COVID wave, here's another great resource for information about all things COVID. The site is called "You Have To Live Your Life" and is organized around all of the reasons people—along with government and healthcare institutions—use to justify abandoning COVID precautions, such as:

  • "COVID is mild now
  • We have to live our lives
  • It's like the flu
  • I got it and I'm fine
  • We need to get exposed so we build immunity
  • Kids don't get it (/kids only have 'mild' cases)
  • Healthy people don't have to worry about it
  • What about the economy?
  • Long COVID is not common or serious
  • But doctors aren't wearing masks
  • But the CDC says…
  • Masks don't work, or don't work well
  • Masks cause. . . (thing that masks to not cause)"

When you're on the site and click on any of these reasons—which should rightly be called myths or mis/disinformation—from the drop-down menu, you're led to a plethora of research studies debunking these myths and outlining exactly all of the ways COVID negatively affects pretty much any and all bodily systems—in both the acute phase and the Long COVID phase.

I know ignorance is bliss, but when it comes to a biosafety level 3 pathogen, I feel like we should all be as informed as possible, and this site helps provide important data. Check it out here, and pass it along to friends and family!

The "about" section of You Have To Live Your Life describes the site:

You Have To Live Your Life is an information resource created in response to a vacuum of accurate public health information about COVID-19. It provides relevant research and articles for common misconceptions about the virus, and is designed and maintained by chrisisgr8.