Steve Bannon got so bored with Marjorie Taylor Greene, he stared at his phone mid-rant (video)

Hours before checking into prison, Steve Bannon was so bored with his raging barnacle, Marjorie Taylor Greene, he couldn't help but check his phones right in the middle of one of her angry tirades.

While the two sat in front of mics for far-right Real America's Voice, mad Marge once again blasted her own party for not stopping the bipartisan J6 committee from investigating the insurrection.

But even former Trump advisor and fellow convict Bannon, who himself has encouraged a GOP takeover with "4,000 shock troops," couldn't take another second of Greene's grating diatribe. So, rather than escape into a nap, he decided to check one of his phones, and then the other, and once there, he never returned to the ranting lunatic at his side. (See video below, posted by PatriotTakes.)