Right-wing media's traffic nosedive: what happened?

What Facebook and Google giveth, Facebook and Google taketh away. That seems to be a lesson from a report in Alternet revealing that far-right news and commentary websites like Breitbart, Daily Wire, The Blaze, National Review, Daily Caller, and the Federalist have seen traffic drop by as much as 95% since their glory days of the 2020 election cycle.

For instance, The Federalist, which has a ridiculously large staff and was co-founded by Mr. Meghan McCain, saw its unique user count plummet from 3.3 million to 166,000. A 95% decline? Tis but a flesh wound.

Breitbart, which was formerly run by the formerly un-incarcerated Steve Bannon, can boast that it saw a traffic drop of just 90% during the same period. Sick burn on The Federalist!

But Breitbart doesn't hold a candle to the Washington Examiner, which experienced a year-over-year decline (compared to previous May) of a relatively paltry 72%. Time to pop the champagne corks over there!

Overall, traffic to pro-Trump sites declined 40% over the past four years. Just the kind of news that'll make Ben Shapiro want to beat up his punching bag.

Meanwhile, The New York Times saw a 10% increase during the same period.

Just 10%? When I went to Trump University, I learned that 40% is twice as much as 10%.The NY Times is a loser!

According to Alternet, these right-wing sites were cut off at the knees when Facebook tweaked its feed algorithm to favor posts from friends and family and and disfavor political posts. But fear not, as soon as Emperor Trump resumes his throne, he'll put a swift end to this censorship.