"Razor blades in my throat": FLiRT Covid variants packing a nasty punch

Some people are reporting that the latest Covid-19 variants, collectively called FLiRT, cause unbearable pain and discomfort, reports the LA Times. The article includes quotes from people on Reddit describing the severity of their symptoms:

  • "terrible sinus pressure and headache … and I can't stand up for too long without feeling like I'm about to pass out."
  • "Previously COVID just felt like the common cold, but this strain is [wreaking] havoc. I don't like to complain like this, but I'm shocked at how much it's taking me out."
  • "throat feels like razor blades… in living misery."
  • "I have so much phlegm, but it hurts so bad to cough because my throat is on literal fire!! This is my 4th time having Covid and I swear I feel like this is the worst it's ever been!!"

From the article: "The dogma is that every time you get COVID, it's milder. But I think we need to keep our minds open to the possibility that some people have worse symptoms," said Dr. Peter Chin-Hong, a UC San Francisco infectious diseases expert. Each time you get COVID, he said, is "kind of like playing COVID roulette."

New study reveals that almost 1 in 4 adults in the United States who had COVID also developed long COVID symptoms