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Jonathan Coulton is kickstarting an album of 70s soft rock covers

The marvellous Jonathan Coulton (previously) is crowdfunding for his next album, Some Guys, "An album of 70s soft rock covers that sound exactly like the originals" (America, Stephen Bishop, Gilbert O'Sullivan, 10cc, Bread, Eagles and more) -- he's raised more than $100K already with 12 days to go (I just backed him). $10 gets you a digital download, $15 adds a CD, $25 gets you a signed CD, $30 gets you vinyl, $40 gets you signed vinyl, and it goes up from there. (via Judge John Hodgman) Read the rest

Bubble, a new dystopian podcast sitcom!

The Maximum Fun podcast network (home to such shows as Judge John Hodgman (previously), Oh No Ross and Carrie (previously), and Sawbones) has just launched its most ambitious project to date: a science fiction sitcom about life in a domed city in a monster-haunted wasteland called Bubble, and it's hilarious. Read the rest

Topman plagiarizes designer, promises to stop, doesn't stop

Stefan Lawrence is a much-loved designer whose work graces such Maximum Fun podcasts as Judge John Hodgman and Bullseye, noticed that the "fast-fashion" brand Topman (a division of the notorious slavers Topshop) had ripped off one of his designs and used it without license or credit in a bunch of its products. Read the rest

John Hodgman's Vacationland: a masterpiece of humor that means something

If you -- like me -- are a loyal listener to the Judge John Hodgman podcast, then you have a sense of what makes Hodgman a treasure: it's his combination of understated, low-key wit; his quick self-deprecation; and his deep compassion, which is what makes his comedic "fake internet courtoom" into more than a quick gag, turning it into reliable source of thought-provoking insight into how to be a better person. If that's your thing, then you will love his latest book, a memoir called Vacationland: True Stories from Painful Beaches, which isn't just funny... it's also sneaky as hell.

Dom Flemons, late of the Carolina Chocolate Drops, plays music that makes me very happy

I was listening to the latest Judge John Hodgman podcast today (as I do every week!) which was performed live in Washington DC; as with every live show, there was a musical guest, and this guest was so completely awesome I made a note to post about him when I got home. Read the rest

Pitch Blak Brass Band: hip-hop/brass with a lot of funk and a lot of beat

This week's Judge John Hodgman podcast is a live show recorded in Brooklyn, with guest music from the Pitch Blak Brass Band, whose music was so fantastically good that I immediately purchased their debut album, You See Us, and I am listening to it right now and loving it. Read the rest

Judge John Hodgman is back in the NYT

John Hodgman's old New York Times advice column -- which transmogrified into a brilliant podcast -- has been restored to its original home, where it provides much-needed color in the Grey Lady's pages. Read the rest

Using sandwiches to teach the Socratic method

Fans of the Judge John Hodgman podcast know that the harder you interrogate the category "sandwich," the less definitive it becomes, until you find yourself raging over tacos and hot-dogs. Read the rest

Oh No Ross and Carrie: podcasting investigative journalists join cults, try woo, and get prodded -- for science!

I've just finished listening to the entire, three-year run of Oh No Ross and Carrie, a podcast hosted by two former Evangelical Christians turned skeptics, who join cults and fringe religions, visit psychics and healers of varying degrees of woo-ness, and partake of quack remedies and other newage rituals. After dozens of hours of listening, enjoying, laughing and learning, I'm totally converted to their faith. Read the rest

Sawbones, an enjoyable medical history podcast

Maximum Fun, the outfit that produces two of my favorite podcasts (Bullseye and Judge John Hodgman) has announced a new show. It's called Sawbones. Jesse Thorn says: "It's about the history of medicine, particularly the crazy bits. It's hosted by Dr. Sydnee McElroy & Justin McElroy. Justin's also one of the hosts of My Brother, My Brother & Me, one of our most popular shows. And they're married. Sydnee's a medical history nut, and Justin good at bothering his wife about things, so they are a good team."

Sawbones Read the rest

Judge John Hodgman live in New York

Jesse Thorn says:

We're doing a few Judge John Hodgman shows in New York. We just sold out our show Monday night and added one on Sunday night. We'll have special guests (very special guests), and I will be wearing a real bailiff outfit based on Bull from Night Court.

Also, importantly, we are looking for litigants, so if anyone has a personal dispute to be judged by The Judge, they should send it to hodgman@maximumfun.org and include their phone number(s) and a note that they're local to NYC.

Read the rest

Gweek 070: John Hodgman returns

Click here to play this episode. Gweek is Boing Boing's podcast about comic books, science fiction and fantasy, video games, board games, tools, gadgets, apps, and other neat stuff.

My co-hosts for this episode:

Glenn Fleishman. Glenn is a long-time tech reporter, a hacky perl programmer, and one of the writers of the Economist’s Babbage blog on technology and culture.

Kevin Mack. Kevin is a visual effects supervisor, an artist, and the true son of Tinkerbell. (Here's a video profile of Kevin and me.)

John Hodgman. Among other things, John’s the resident expert on The Daily Show and the judge on the Judge John Hodgman Podcast. The third and final installment in his trilogy of Complete World Knowledge -- called That Is All -- comes out in paperback and audiobook today. John and Jonathan Coulton are performing together Boston and Northampton on November 2nd and 3rd. Learn more about the events here.

In this episode, we talked about:

That is All. John Hodgman brings us the third and final installment in his trilogy of Complete World Knowledge. The paperback is loaded with new material!

Skype is owned by Microsoft now, and the latest version stinks. Glenn: "Microsoft reengineered its security infrastructure to make it easier to tap Skype calls. I maintain and others maintain, and that process caused worse phone connections."

Postsingular, by Rudy Rucker.

Glenn: "Jo Walton’s Among Others just won Hugo. Terrific novel. Also recently read her Small Change trilogy (from 2006, 2007, and 2008)"

John recommends Reamde, by Neal Stephenson: "A thriller of international espionage but it puts the cliches of international espionage thrillers so far behind it." Read the rest

Judge John Hodgman issues bench warrant to all who read Boing Boing

Jesse Thorn says:

The Judge John Hodgman podcast is looking for disputants! You could join the Judge in his internationally-beloved court of Pod-law, and have your dispute BROUGHT TO JUSTICE. All you have to do is drop us a line.

The Honorable Judge Hodgman requires cases that represent genuine disputes large and small. They can be financial, personal or even philosophical, but they must be sincere. And of course, both parties must be willing to participate. We love disputes between people with any relationship -- acquaintances, friends, family members, couples, co-workers, carpool-mates, swim team co-captains, rival clan leaders, Hatfields & McCoys, the list goes on and on.

It's easy to submit a case, and the Judge, while tough, is also fair and kind. He's known broadly for his wisdom and insight into matters ranging from TOY CUSTODY to FRIENDSHIP to BAT INFESTATIONS.

Submit a case

To subscribe to the Judge John Hodgman Podcast, use this link in iTunes or this one in other software. Read the rest

Gweek 033: Jesse Thorn

Gweek is a podcast where the editors and friends of Boing Boing talk about comic books, science fiction and fantasy, video games, board games, tools, gadgets, apps, and other neat stuff.

In this episode, Dean Putney and I are joined by Jesse Thorn, the creator and host of the long-running and fantastic radio show and podcast formerly known as The Sound of Young America. Jesse’s also the co-creator and bailiff on the Judge John Hodgman podcast, and the founder of the MaximumFun.org podcast network.

Here’s the neat stuff we talked about in this episode:

Bullseye with Jesse Thorn

Subscribe to Bullseye on iTunes

Free torrent of entire Sound of Young America archive

MaxFunCon 2012

The Judge John Hodgman Podcast

The Lightning Thief, by Rick Riordan

The Maker of Universes, by Philip Jose Farmer

Killer Stuff and Tons of Money: Seeking History and Hidden Gems in Flea-Market America by Maureen Stanton

Objective-C Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guide by Aaron Hillegass

Said The Gramophone’s best songs of 2011

ASAP Rocky - LiveLoveASAP

Put This On

Film Noir on Archive.org



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Gweek is on Stitcher! Read the rest

Gweek podcast episode 024: John Hodgman

Our guest co-host is John Hodgman, actor, "resident expert" on The Daily Show, celebrity judge, and book author. The third and final installment in his trilogy of Complete World Knowledge -- That Is All -- comes out on November 1.

John spoke with Rob Beschizza, Ruben Bolling, and me about his book and many other things, including:

Our favorite comic book stores:

Bergen Street Comics (New York)

Forbidden Planet (New York)

Secret Headquarters (Los Angeles)

Meltdown (Los Angeles)

Gosh! (London)

Forbidden Planet (London)

The Judge John Hodgman podcast

Read the rest

They Might Be Giants launches video contest judged by John Hodgman

[Video Link]

BIG CATURDAY NEWS YOU GUYS. John Flansburgh of They Might be Giants is a Boing Boing reader, and he sends word that the band are launching a fan-made video contest for their song "Can't Keep Johnny Down".

"The promo clip here features my cat Symphony Sid," says John. "He is usually camera shy but he hangs in there!

From the announcement:

TMBG is inviting creative visual people to make a stylish, smart rock video for the song. It can be live action, motion graphics, animation, stop motion. It can be people jumping around in capes, but they should be very stylish people in very stylish capes or you will not win the contest.

Videos are to be uploaded to YouTube and posted on the official TMBG Facebook page. All videos linked there will be voted on by the Facebook friends of TMBG, but the winner will be judged by Judge John Hodgman and Hodgman alone. Submission deadline is July 15th.

Winner will receive $1000 bucks and a pizza from the pizzeria of their choice. The video will be posted on tmbg's you tube channel as well as posted on TMBG's podcast -- so lots of people will celebrate your efforts.

Read the rest

Boing Boing Meetup report: Los Angeles

I've been meaning to report on the Los Angeles Boing Boing Meetup, but weeks and weeks of travel have kept me busy. I'm at the airport now, waiting to catch a plane, so I have a bit of time.

About 25 people came to the event, which was held by the kind folks Machine Project in Echo Park (the photo above is of the early birds). The theme of the evening was "Wonderful Things." We sat around two large tables pushed together and took turns showing the objects we brought with us and talking about them. Read the rest

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