Solid State: Jonathan Coulton's album/graphic novel against nicey-nice fascism

Jonathan Coulton is known for a myriad of distinct accomplishments. The tech professional-turned-musician once conducted a Thing a Week experiment, in which he recorded and published a new song every Friday for a year, produced a cover of Sir Mix-a-Lot's "Baby Got Back" infamously adopted by the Fox series Glee, regularly contributes to the NPR quiz show "Ask Me Another" as its very own one-man band, and runs his own fan cruise aptly called the JoCo Cruise.

Jonathan Coulton responds to Fox/Glee's plagiarism of his song by "covering" it and making rival version available for sale

You'll have heard that Jonathan Coulton's iconic cover of Baby's Got Back was plagiarised by the Fox TV show "Glee" (it's not the first time). Coulton's story has been widely reported, but Fox/Glee have remained shameless about this.

Coulton's got a brilliant solution to this: he's released a "cover" of Glee's plagiarized version of his song, put it on Itunes as a rival to the official Fox version, and has announced that the proceeds will go to charity. — Read the rest

Jonathan Coulton: Glee plagiarized my arrangement of "Baby Got Back"

Jonathan Coulton has publicly shamed Fox for plagiarizing his arrangement for "Baby's Got Back" on its TV show "Glee":

Writing on Techdirt, Mike Masnick has a good, nuanced view of how this kind of thing works:

Yes, his is a cover song, but he introduced some variations that appear to be directly copied in Glee.

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Unreleased Jonathan Coulton album on a limited edition USB stick — Creative Commons fundraiser

Eric from Creative Commons sez,

Creative Commons is in the midst of its annual fundraising campaign. To help support us, Jonathan Coulton has released his greatest hits compilation "JoCo Looks Back" on limited edition CC-branded USB drives that come stocked not only with the standard mixes of the album's songs, but also the unmixed audio stems (i.e.

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Geek troubador Jonathan Coulton profiled in NYTs

Aaron Hertzmann says:

There's a long article in today's New York Times Magazine (and video) about geeky folk-rock singer-songwriter Jonathan Coulton, who distributes all his music online, and spends six hours a day communicating with his fans. The article discusses the state of music promotion and distribution for the "B-list" musicians who use online forums to communicate with their fans and spread the word.

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