Patrick Farley is back: "The First Word" webcomic explains language's origin

Patrick Farley is one of the greatest and most maddeningly irregular webcomics artists working today. We've been covering his work for a decade, and a new Farley is always cause for celebration. His latest, "The First Word," is no exception — a fine, odd, beautifully realized story about the invention of language, one that tries to invent a new user interface and visual language for live, animated comics that is, by and large, very successful. — Read the rest

Flowcharting the gay marriage debate

Patrick "E-Sheep" Farley, one of the great (and frustratingly irregular) webcomics creators, has a sharp editorial cartoon up — a flowchart explaining the gay marriage debate.

Graphical Overview of Same Sex Marriage Debate, v. 1.3

(via Warren Ellis)

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Mini-Sensors for "Military Omniscience"

Defensetech's Noah Shachtman says,

Spotting insurgents, sorting out friend from foe — it's beyond tough in today's guerilla war zones. So tough, that no single monitor can be counted on to handle the job. The Pentagon's answer: build a set of palm-sized, networked sensors that can be scattered around, and work together to "detect, classify, localize, and track dismounted combatants under foliage and in urban environments."

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New e-sheep comic

Stefan sez: "Eeeyah! Patrick Farley quit his day job and is starting a weekly strip about the long-ago era of Dot-Com San Francisco. Episode One is up now. (Strong language. Not for Grandma.)"

This is the e-sheep/Spiders/Guy I Almost Was guy, my favorite web-toonist of all, a king-hell science fiction writer and a sharp artist to boot, and what's more, he's solid nerdc0re, with a great understanding of the net and all it means. — Read the rest