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Footage from the Boing Boing Picnic, nine years ago today!

Billy Green writes, "This is video I shot at the Boing Boing Picnic in 2010. Music by Dr. Popular recorded live at the picnic." Such fantastic footage! Read the rest

Boing Boing Picnic: Aerial video from balloon, and a Doc Pop-scored report

Two very fun videos from the first-ever Boing Boing picnic, held this past weekend in San Francisco: first, a wonderful little montage of scenes, set to an original (composed live!) DocPop score, by Boing Boing reader Billy Green. (direct video link)

And then, what happens when you attach a Droid to a dirigible, by Boing Boing reader Neil Fraser. (direct video link)

BB Picnic: fire-eaters, dirigibles, magic, and mutants ... Analog Twitter at the BB picnic BB picnic exquisite corpse story Bug and Bean Photography: shots from the BB picnic BB picnic in San Francisco, July 10th Read the rest

Bug and Bean Photography: shots from the BB picnic

I was thrilled when talented San Francisco family and lifestyle photographer Nancy Nguyen-Wong of Bug And Bean Photography asked if she could set up a photo station at the Boing Boing picnic! She's posted some selects from the picnic on her blog, including a sample of the portraits and also candid shots. If you're in the Bay Area and want a pro photo of your family or child, I couldn't recommend Nancy enough. She's really fun to be around and somehow manages to get the perfect shot while you're busy chatting or, depending on your age, babbling away. Bug and Bean Photography: BB Picnic Read the rest

Analog Twitter at the Boing Boing picnic

Boing Boing reader SFslim started an impromptu Analog Twitter board at the Boing Boing picnic. Following it gives you a decent idea of some of the events that were happening on-site. Here's a transcript (it was originally offline and written in Sharpie):

Will: Because no one else wants to post first! Tami: There's a shirt on the statue! Jon: Here comes the balloon! Oh the humanity! Maggie: It's HUGE!! RT @Jon Here comes the balloon. Oh the humanity! #bbpicnic Toni: Hahaha you can do ART here! Monica: I can has boingboing? Andy: LOL IZ PICTURE twitpic/:) Jeff: Every1 is so happy and mutated #Gotmeradiumlollipop

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Boing Boing Picnic: fire-eaters, dirigibles, magic, and mutants

(photos: Daisy with fire by Alexia Tsotsis/Andy Wright of SF Weekly. At left, BB banner and Boinged-out Doughboy by bgreensf)

We had so much fun at the first-ever Boing Boing Picnic (actually, the first meatspace BB event of any kind!) in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park this weekend. Good heavens, where to begin. Several hundred Boing Boing readers gathered at Doughboy Meadow for fun, food, and what truly felt like an offline manifestation of the eclectic, random, shamelessly dorky stuff you find here on the blog.

Here's the SF Weekly photo gallery and report!

Some highlights:

• A young woman named Daisy did a fire-eating performance inside a little redwood grove off to the side of the meadow. • Doctor Popular and pals gave us a live show of Knifetank, which they developed for BB's Music Inspired by Games competition. The award-winning yo-yo master also did a yo-yo show. • A gopher joined the party, and periodically popped his head up from his subterranean home. • Some really cool guys who are building a very ambitious dirigible project for Burning Man called the Airship Victoria brought a balloon to the picnic, and did aerial tests.

• A lady who makes Periodic Table of Elements Tarot Cards gave readings. • A guy who makes palm-sized Godzilla busts and crystal skulls filled with jellybeans brought both, and handed them out as gifts.

• A master Grilled Cheese Chef made delicious sandwiches on a specially-modded grill hauled to the park for this very occasion. • Star Trek babies! Read the rest

Boing Boing picnic exquisite corpse story

We had an exquisite corpse game going at the Boing Boing picnic this past weekend. It was written on a giant yellow notepad; I brought it home and transcribed it. The resulting story is truly a reflection of the Boing Boing readership — it takes unexpected twists and turns and features soul-eating clowns, fire-breathing dragons, and toilet paper tweets. Many thanks to all you awesome readers who contributed to the story! Please identify yourselves in the comments so we can give you a shout out.

One day, while prospecting in Golden Gate Park, Jackhammer Jill came upon an unbelievable sight. An enormous, hairy beast in a tutu! "Pickles!" he exclaimed. A she ran, no, PRANCED, towards the luscious fields of pickles... he gasped! Four hours later, he was in the ER, overdosed on sodium and dill. "Don't worry," said the doctor, "We can fix you with science! Quick! Swallow this!" Reaching into his lab coat pocket, he pulled out a spike-studded bowling ball. Three holes, filled with strawberry jam, exquisitely telling of a past affair with a breakfast bun in an empty Coney Island fun house. As the soul eating clowns emerge I run toward a blinding light. Which turns out to be a fireball that I quench with my ice rod. You know, my "Ice Rod," wink wink. I'll quench your "fireball" with it, if you know what I mean. "What do I mean?" I thought, what a rude thing to say to a perfect stranger. However, an imperfect stranger, someone who's strangeness was somehow flawed, would understand the hidden alchemical reference.

Read the rest

Found at Costco: Corry's Slug and Snail Death

Dean and I found this slug and snail poison at Costco today while shopping for the Boing Boing picnic tomorrow. Read the rest

Volunteer at the Boing Boing Picnic!

The Boing Boing Picnic is in two days, and we could really use some extra arms and legs and tentacles to help us make sure the event runs smoothly. If you're coming and can dedicate an hour or two to helping David, Xeni, Dean, and me in making sure things run smoothly, please send an email to mango [at] tokyomango [dot] com, subject line: Picnic Volunteer with your name and what time you're available between 11AM and 4PM. If you pre-sign up to volunteer we'll promise you a t-shirt and some extra happy mutant love. Thanks!

Update: Thanks to all of you who volunteered to volunteer! I think we have enough people for now. If you show up the day of and still want to help out, just look for one of the people wearing a Happy Mutant Volunteer name tag and ask if they need help. Read the rest

San Francisco: rock poster show this Saturday

This Saturday in San Francisco, the Rock Poster Society and American Poster Institute are teaming up for Flaststock 25 -- By the Bay, a huge rock poster show in Golden Gate Park's Hall of Flowers. The event is from 10am to 6pm. We suggest making a day of it by bouncing between the Boing Boing Picnic, 11am-3pm in Doughboy Meadows, and the poster show! Seen here, event posters by David Welker (above left), Carolyn Ferris (above right), and Dave Hunter (below). Ben Marks, of the terrific Collectors Weekly, wrote up a preview of Flatstock 25 -- By the Bay for KQED:

Among the artists who will be exhibiting in San Francisco are Flatstock co-founders Geoff Peveto and Frank Kozik, who has made a name for himself in recent years designing collectible toys for Kidrobot (his Dunnies are usually the ones wearing a scowl and puffing a cigarette)...

Representing the West Coast and TRPS is Carolyn Ferris, whose loose, psychedelic, red-and-purple mermaids floating amid flowers and leaves could not be more different from Welker's singular illustration. Also on hand will be Mark Spusta, who was selected to create a poster for TRPS in 2008, and Gary Houston of Voodoo Catbox, whose 2009 TRPS poster freely riffed on one of the most famous images in rock, Rick Griffin's flying eyeball, which was inspired by Von Dutch and used by Griffin in 1968 to advertise a Jimi Hendrix concert at the Fillmore and Winterland.

"Flatstock 25 -- By the Bay" Read the rest

Don't forget: Boing Boing picnic is this Saturday!

We're having our first ever Boing Boing picnic this Saturday in San Francisco. Xeni, David, Dean, and I will be there — come say hi! It's BYOB, but we'll have some t-shirts and stickers to give away. RSVP on our Facebook page or just show up. Here's a map. Read the rest

Boing Boing picnic in San Francisco, July 10th

We're having our first ever Boing Boing meet-up in San Francisco this summer! We hope you'll come hang out with us at Golden Gate Park on July 10 from 11am to 3pm! Bring food, drink, and wonderful things for show-and-tell. We'll have new BB tshirts and stickers to give away.

You can RSVP on our Facebook event page (but you're also welcome to just show up); feel free to toss around ideas on the wall about stuff we can do during our time together. Here's a link to the exact location on Google Maps. Hope to see you there! Read the rest