Maryland State Police troopers made a vagina challenge coin in retaliation against complaints about racism

Maryland State Police officers have a tradition of making offensive challenge coins that denigrate women and minorities. Its newest challenge coin makes fun of the fact that people think their coins are awful. One side of the coin depicts a woman's rear end in thong underwear with the captions "GENERATION 'BUTT HURT'" and "I'm offended" while the other side depicts a vagina with the captions "The BIG GREEN Va'Geenie" and "These PUSSIES can't take A Pounding." — Read the rest

CBP employees' new challenge coin mocks care for migrant kids

Challenge Coins have their origins in the military; they're a little like a mission patch, commemorating some element of service or event, and they serve as a kind of badge of honor or respect — you can show a challenge coin you've been given to people who were associated with its issuance as a way of demonstrating that you're on the same side.

I've been writing a book for 25 years

I've been writing a book. For twenty-five years.

I discovered the works of Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett and Brendan Behan. I was in journalism school, at the time. I was dirt poor, with no financial assistance from my parents. I hobbling years of my future with student loans. — Read the rest