Librarians must resist trumpism

Radical librarian Jason Griffey (previously) wants librarians to continue their 21st century leadership in the resistance to surveillance and persecution — a proud record that includes the most effective stands against GW Bush's Patriot Act — by pledging to make libraries safe havens from trumpism and its evils: electronic surveillance; racial and gender-based discrimination; and the assertion that ideology trumps empirical reality.

Update on "DHS visits student over Little Red Book" story

UPDATE: Report confirmed as hoax, Link to BB update.

Here's the original Boing Boing post, and here's yesterday's batch of update links.

Today, Boing Boing reader Gary McGath, a software engineer with the Harvard University Library, writes:

Just to add more confusion to the situation of Homeland Security and the unidentified UMass Dartmouth student: in a reader comment on a previous BB post, Jessamyn West reported that the Mao book "was from a library in nearby Providence."

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