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The carnivorous moon-worm story hiding in plain sight in the diary of early Antarctic explorer Douglas Mawson

Australian science fiction author Sean Williams (previously) is an Australian Antarctic Division Arts Fellow, who got to live in the Antarctic while researching an alternate War of the Worlds retelling. Read the rest

Sean Williams is going to Antarctica to research a contrafactual War of the Worlds retelling

Australian science fiction author Sean Williams writes, "I first met Kim Stanley Robinson in Hobart, 1995, when he was on his way to the South Pole. Stan suggested I look to the Australian Antarctic Division as a possible means of fulfilling my dream of visiting the great southern land. Over twenty years later, and thanks to the Australian Antarctic Division's Arts Fellowship program, that dream is about to come true." Read the rest

Sci-Chi: Tai Chi for science fiction fans

Author Sean Williams writes, "Last weekend I was MC of a small con in Canberra, Conflux 12. To keep people limber, psychically as well as physically, I devised a form Sci-fi form of Tai Chi, which GOH Alan Baxter helped me demonstrate over the course of the weekend." Read the rest

Pants-wettingly funny summary of every Dad-kid discussion, ever

This really is a distillation of the discussions I have with my daughter. Every. Single. Day. If it wasn't so funny, I'd be weeping. Read the rest

Crowdfunding real-life, citywide choose-your-own-adventure stories

Sean Williams sez, "Best-sellers and award-winners Isobelle Carmody, Robert Shearman, Marianne De Pierres, Kim Wilkins, Mark Leslie, Mindy Klasky, Tansy Rayner Roberts, and many, many others, including me, have signed up to write choose-your-own-adventure stories that will play out in real life, in real cities via smartphones and QR codes. Rewards include guided tours, printed versions, tuckerizations, author-led adventures in their cities, and even the chance to have a CYOA written in a town of your choice, in person."

They're trying to raise AUD26,000. At AUD10, you get a pair of the adventures as PDFs. Read the rest

Boing Boing Gift Guide 2011

Though we're delighted to have our own online toystore up this holiday season, there are a thousand things we could recommend from elsewhere. Cutting it down to a couple of hundred, for our fourth annual gift guide, wasn't easy; this year was a fantastic one for books, games, gadgets and much else besides. From stocking stuffers to silly cars, take yer pick.

Boing Boing Gift Guide 2011

Troubletwisters: Garth Nix and Sean Williams' action-packed new kids' fantasy

Troubletwisters is the first volume in a collaborative series from Australian YA superstars Garth Nix and Sean Williams, and it's as marvellous as its pedigree suggests.

The titular troubletwisters are a pair of adolescent twins who find themselves moving from their family home the city to the remote town of Portland, where they are to live with their mysterious Grandma X. On arrival, young Jaide and Jack quickly discover that their father's family isn't quite like any other, and that the stern and weird Grandma X may or may not be looking out for their best interests. There's magic afoot, and it's the wild, untamed magic that threatens to devour them.

From what Jack and Jaide can gather, their family expects them to come into some powers of their own, through a series of tests and trials, but they can't be sure whether the tribulations they face while exploring Portland are trials set by their grandmother or attacks from some force working against them (and Grandma X isn't saying, but it's pretty clear that she's not being entirely forthright with them -- would clouds of cockroaches really swarm the twins and nearly drag them to the ground just because they'd used some kind of perfumed soap?).

Though the device of young magicians coming into their powers is a timeworn one, Nix and Williams are the kind of clever, fleet-of-foot YA writers who can make it really dance. The story kept me guessing right up to the end, and the progression of imaginative gross and grisly confrontations between the twins and their magical enemies are sure to delight and fascinate both older and younger readers. Read the rest

SF e-anthology to benefit Christchurch earthquake

Discorobot sez, "Tales for Canterbury - a collection of short fiction published to raise money to help those affected by the recent Canterbury Earthquake - is now available for preorder.

Edited by NZ writers Cassie Hart and Anna Caro, the anthology is centred round the themes of survival, hope and future. It includes fiction by overseas and local writers, including Jeff Vandermeer, Tina Makereti, Neil Gaiman, Cat Connor and Sean Williams.

Available in both ebook and print versions in April." Read the rest