Crowdfunding real-life, citywide choose-your-own-adventure stories

Sean Williams sez, "Best-sellers and award-winners Isobelle Carmody, Robert Shearman, Marianne De Pierres, Kim Wilkins, Mark Leslie, Mindy Klasky, Tansy Rayner Roberts, and many, many others, including me, have signed up to write choose-your-own-adventure stories that will play out in real life, in real cities via smartphones and QR codes. Rewards include guided tours, printed versions, tuckerizations, author-led adventures in their cities, and even the chance to have a CYOA written in a town of your choice, in person."

They're trying to raise AUD26,000. At AUD10, you get a pair of the adventures as PDFs.

Rather than reading the CYOA in printed book form, imagining every detail, we will be creating maps so you can read your story in the location the adventure is happening. You will get these maps as rewards for pledging to the project! Each map will have a series of QR codes that you can scan with your smart phone. Each code links you to a webpage where you can read the next part of the adventure and then choose from several options to continue the story. Each new part of the story takes place in one of the locations on the map, in the very place you're standing, showcasing the landmarks of some of the world's most awesome cities in a whole new way. Each story happens in a specific city.

Each story will show you the hidden nooks and secret features of a city, taking you on a journey you would never find in a guide book. At the same time you could be avoiding an alien invasion, solving a mystery, surviving a zombie apocalypse… hey, anything can happen on an adventure.

Choose Your Adventure!

(Thanks, Sean!)