Peter "Brokep" Sunde, railroaded into Swedish prison by Big Content

Peter "Brokep" Sunde was convicted in Sweden's notorious Pirate Bay trial, and now faces prison time and a multimillion-euro fine. As his imprisonment looms, he describes, in detail, the bizarre circumstances of his conviction, which started with an illegal raid ordered by the US trade representative, continued with an investigation led by a prosecutor who'd already accepted a job with Warner Brothers as a copyright enforcer and was just working through his notice period as he pursued Peter; and then a trial that included a judge and multiple jurors who were literally getting paychecks from the large copyright industry associations. — Read the rest

Pirate Bay documentary raising money on Kickstarter

The Pirate Bay – Away From Keyboard is a documentary on the founding of The Pirate Bay raising money on Kickstarter. I kicked in some money after hearing about it from Peter "brokep" Sunde. The filmmakers have been shooting for two years and are looking for $25,000 to finish the film (they're over $22K as I type this): "This campaign starts exactly one month before the Court of Appeal hearings start in The Pirate Bay trial in Stockholm, Sweden. — Read the rest

Steal This Film: Pirate Bay Trial edition

The creators of the Pirate Bay documentary "Steal This Film" have released footage from their next installment in honor of the trial of the Pirate Bay's founders (yesterday's hearings ended with a bang, when the prosecution dropped half the charges — the more serious half — after realizing they couldn't make the case stick). — Read the rest