Generative Shan Shui landscape paintings

{Shan, Shui}* is art-generating code that produces traditional Chinese landscape paintings. It's running here and here and each time you load the page, you'll get a new landscape.

{Shan, Shui}* is inspired by traditional Chinese landscape scrolls (such as this and this) and uses noises and mathematical functions to model the mountains and trees from scratch.

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The "One HTML Page Challenge", a great example of view-source culture

Image of the

Behold the "One HTML Page Challenge" — to build a one-page site using just the code in a single html file: "Practice your skills with no assistance from libraries, no separation of files, and no assistance of a modern framework."

There are a just few entries so far, but they're pretty cool — like this one that creates a slowly-growing ant colony in ASCII, or this racing game, or this quiz to see if you can identify the correct name of a color. — Read the rest

Sad news: Glitch is shutting down

Here's some very sad news: Glitch, the innovative and playful virtual world from Stewart Butterfield and his friends at Tiny Speck, is shuttering. The letter from Tiny Speck is very bittersweet.

This is a horrible day. This is a horrible thing to have to say: Glitch is closing.

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Glitch un-launches

Glitch is a whimsical, sweet multiplayer browser-game launched two months ago by Tiny Speck, and it is now un-launching. Having learned a bunch of stuff from both the people who love the game and the people who left it, they've decided that they can't fix things through a series of iterative steps, but rather they must take it down, go back to beta, and make wholesale changes. — Read the rest

Katamari Damacy creator joins Glitch

Exciting news: Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi has joined Glitch, a spunky browser game startup from Flickr cofounder and all-round-good-guy Stewart Butterfield. Takahashi had left the industry, but was lured back by playing the Glitch beta. He describes his job in Glitch as "to make the world unique and more fun and more surprising."