Deepfake: Boris Johnson sings "Saddy Waddy"

Shardcore (previously), "I made a video for Saddy Waddy by The Private Sector using a new deepfake lipsync method to get Boris Johnson to sing the words." [Ed: Warning, strobe effects] Read the rest

Researchers discover hundreds of thousands of unsuspected, Star Wars-themed twitterbots hiding in plain sight

Twitter is a great place for bots. Botherders like Shardcore produce amazing, politics, artistic bots that mine Twitter, inject useful information into Twitter, or just frolic on Twitter, making it a better place. Twitterbots produce entries in imaginary grimoires, conduct sociological research, produce virtual model railroads, alert the public when governments try to make bad news disappear, and much, much more. Read the rest

Twitterbot catalogs every face in Donald Trump's crowds, looking for humanity

Weird twitterbot herder Shardcore writes, "@everytrumpette draws from the large corpus of photographs of the attendees of Trump rallies. A face detection algorithm identifies a member of the crowd, and then zooms in. Who are these people? How can they not only accept, but openly embrace an ideology of hate? This bot examines them, one by one, to try and see the humanity." Read the rest

Glitch News Network: glitched and mashed news in less than 2 seconds

The Glitch News Network is the latest twitterbot from Shardcore, a prolific purveyor of mad bots (previously). Read the rest

@trippingbot: Character Level Recurrent Neural Network twitterbot tweets on "hallucinogens"

Shardcore's latest twitterbot (previously) is @trippingbot, which trains a Character Level Recurrent Neural Network with drug reports from Erowid, where people post running logs of their drug experiences. Read the rest

@Theresamaybot: a twitterbot that puts you under suspicion and won't say why

A bot inspired by UK Home Secretary Theresa May's pledge to bring back the systems of unaccountable mass surveillance that the EU forced the UK to abandon. Read the rest

Twitterbot generates North Korean patriotic slogans with Markov chains

The 300 weird patriotic slogans that North Korea released last week had the stilted feel of machine-generated text. Read the rest

Tldrbot: great works of literature in seconds

Tldrbot is the latest bot from Shardcore (previously, previously, previously) that slurps up great novels, algorithmically summarizes them to 1% of their length, then spits out audio files of a synthetic Scottish woman's voice reading those summaries aloud. Read the rest

Bffbot1 loves you as only an algorithmic entity can

@bffbot1 is the latest weird-ass crazy awesome Twitterbot from Shardcore. Read the rest

Factbot: a bot that spouts viralish, truth-sounding lies

Shardcore, who gave us the programatically generated Hipsterbait tees, had advanced the art of autonomous, self-perpetuating Internet memes.

Robots perform Waiting for Godot

Shardcore sez, "Today I directed some robot actors in a production of the first five minutes of Waiting for Godot. Get ready theatre nerds, this is the future..."

Waiting for Godot

(Thanks, Shardcore!) Read the rest

Hipsterbait1: algorithmically generated post-ironic tees

Shardcore writes, "I've built a new bot to troll/delight hipsters.

It algorithmically creates post-post-ironic t-shirt designs, posts them on twitter and tumblr and offers them for sale. No human is involved in the process at all." Read the rest

88 nonillion imaginary artworks for the Tate

Shardcore writes, "The Tate recently released a 'big data' set of the 70k artworks in their collection. I've been playing with it and finding all sorts of fun to be had. The latest experiment uses the Tate data as a springboard to algorithmically imagine new artworks - 88,577,208,667,721,179,117,706,090,119,168 to be precise." Read the rest

UV-glowing skulls stamped onto thousands of pounds' worth of UK bank-notes

Shardcore sez, "For the last two years I've been stamping UV skulls on the Queen's face on all the money that I get out of the ATM. There's now thousands of pounds worth floating around the UK economy, visible only to bees and humans with a blacklight.

Given the events in the world's economy over the last couple of years, it seems all the more (im)pertinent."

UK shopkeepers often keep a UV light by the till to check notes to ensure they're not counterfeit.


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Creepy CCTV posters in the Brighton, UK train station

These unbelievably creepy pro-spy-camera ads have gone up in the Brighton, England train-stations. It's like they're not even trying anymore. (Or maybe it's a prank? Could someone really have put this up in a public place this with a straight face?)

(Thanks, Shardcore!) Read the rest

Scans from 80s British computer magazines

Shardcore sez, "I went to visit my mother recently, and there, stashed in the garage was a motherlode of eighties computer magazines [from that golden era post ZX81, pre-puberty, when I actually bought such things.]

There's a lot of great stuff in there, so I'm posting it piecemeal on this new blog. only a few bits up at the moment, plenty more to come."


(Thanks, Shardcore!)

Read the rest

Geeky sysadmin portrait

Shardcore sez, "I think I've just painted the geekiest picture ever. It's a portrait of my friend Richard, he's a sysadmin. I've painted him in a server room, with Marvin the Paranoid Android. Holding a ZX Spectrum. I think you'll agree it ticks all the boxes of English geeks of a certain age..."


(Thanks, Shardcore!) Read the rest