Researchers discover hundreds of thousands of unsuspected, Star Wars-themed twitterbots hiding in plain sight

Twitter is a great place for bots. Botherders like Shardcore produce amazing, politics, artistic bots that mine Twitter, inject useful information into Twitter, or just frolic on Twitter, making it a better place. Twitterbots produce entries in imaginary grimoires, conduct sociological research, produce virtual model railroads, alert the public when governments try to make bad news disappear, and much, much more.

Composite UK politicians

Shardcore sez, "I've built some generative politicians, they're nearly as hateful as the real thing…

Their faces, and the words they speak are a blend of David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband. The text is generated from utterences made by the three Party Leaders in the House of Commons, harvested from Hansard via the wonderful TheyWorkForYou.comRead the rest

Scans from 80s British computer magazines

Shardcore sez, "I went to visit my mother recently, and there, stashed in the garage was a motherlode of eighties computer magazines [from that golden era post ZX81, pre-puberty, when I actually bought such things.]

There's a lot of great stuff in there, so I'm posting it piecemeal on this new blog. — Read the rest