Robert Anton Wilson on the 23 engima

Fortean Times has republished a 1977 article by bOING bOING patron saint and contributor Robert Anton Wilson about the magickal, mystical number 23. Wilson, who died earlier this year, was fascinated with the number 23 and real or imagined synchronicities related to the digits. — Read the rest

Robert Anton Wilson memorial celebration February 18

Here's a public announcement for the upcoming Robert Anton Wilson Memorial:

Join Together at the Robert Anton Wilson Cosmic Meme-Orial
& Lasagna Levitation Celebration!

Hail Eris! All Hail Bob!

Celebrate the life, work and continued multi-dimensionality
of Robert Anton Wilson by joining us in a giant, jammin'
Translation Celebration and 8th Circuit Soiree!

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Reason magazine on Robert Anton Wilson

Jesse Walker wrote a nice piece about the passing of Robert Anton Wilson in Reason. It includes links to obits and remembrances from various media outlets.

The novelist, satirist, journalist, and philosopher Robert Anton Wilson passed away last Thursday, just a week shy of his 75th birthday.

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Links to obscure Robert Anton Wilson essays

Jeff Diehl says: "In 1999, RAW was a columnist at, and wrote a total of 7 pieces. They are not well known, but are insightful and fun nonetheless.

I have no commitment to materialism as a philosophy that explains everything, since no correlation of words can ever do that, and a philosophy is never more than a correlation of words.

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Robert Anton Wilson has a blog

Robert Anton Wilson ("Paralyzed, bed-ridden, high in oath," Occupation: Mind Fucker) has a weblog. Just three entries so far.

I Don't Know

Wavy Gravy once asked a Zen Roshi, "What happens after death?"

The Roshi replied, "I don't know."

Wavy protested, "But you're a Zen Master!"

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Robert Anton Wilson University

Old-school bOING bOING contributor Robert Anton Wilson is now teaching courses online. Wilson is the fringe philosopher/novelist/comedian who wrote such classics as Illuminatus!, Prometheus Rising, and Cosmic Trigger, key texts that shaped the birth of bOING bOING. The Maybe Logic Academy launches this summer with classes like "Conspiracy, Coincidence and Code" and "8 Dimensions of 'Mind." — Read the rest

While re-reading Robert Anton Wilson's

While re-reading Robert Anton Wilson's Cosmic Trigger, I decided to look on the Web for Kerry Thornley, creator of Discordianism (a joke/not-joke religion that was prominently featured in Wilson and Shea's Illuminatus Trilogy). Turns out, Thornley died a couple of years ago. — Read the rest

RAW Week: Wilson and I, by Richard Metzger


As "outsider" teenage readers of Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea's classic Illuminatus! Trilogy in the early 1980s, it seemed to some of my friends at the time (all big Kurt Vonnegut, Richard Brautigan and Philip K Dick fans, too) that the novel's authors were trying to communicate something "in code" to their readers, like it was a message about "the conspiracy" that was coming from an underground resistance group. — Read the rest