Why Is Blue So Rare In Nature?

Blue as a pigment in nature is incredibly rare. Most animals with blue coloration achieve it through microscopic structures in their skin, fur, or feathers. This helpful explainer delves into the details. Read the rest

Make America Sane Again hats

Paul writes, "Embroidered in lovely Copperplate letters on a Democratic blue hat. I set the price as low as it allowed so there are unlikely to be much profits. But any there are will go to border collie rescues that I work with." Read the rest

Village, painted Smurf-blue, votes to keep paint job permanently

A smurf in the Andalusian village of Juzcar, near Malaga, southern Spain. Photo: REUTERS/Jon Nazca

In 2011, painters coated the picturesque Spanish village of Juzcar in the smurfiest blue they had, all to promote the tiny blue creatures' cinematic debut. This week the town decided to keep the paint job permanently, all thanks to the unexpected tourism boom it triggered. Read the rest