A 1000-piece color-changing jigsaw puzzle

You thought those single color jigsaw puzzles were difficult? Try putting together one where the pieces change colors! That's just what the latest offering from artist Clemens Habicht does:

1000 CHANGING COLOURS is a colour gamut jigsaw puzzle of 1000 pieces in which each individual tile has two distinct colour states from intersecting gradients of colour. Printed in Poland using a lenticular lens, the colours change depending on the angle of view, resulting in a radiant iridescence that shimmers in beautiful colour combinations.

Pre-order it now for $100 plus shipping.

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Fractal jigsaw puzzle

It has only nine pieces, but each is a sprawling, intersecting fractal nightmare: "you can provide people with the solution and they still can't solve it."

The creations of Oscar van Deventer (check his youtube channel for all his puzzle designs) you can buy them at Laser Exact for fifty euros.

It's weirdy satisfying watching the pieces disappear into the pattern:

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